"Less Worry for my family – they know I’m safe. And they are still in and out like yo-yo’s which is how I like it.

Although I’m in a secure, happy, safe place I still have my independence. We’re here for each other but respect each other’s privacy and space. This gives us a family atmosphere.

I am more than happy here."

Joan Pearson - Apartment Resident

Welcome to Springlands Lifestyle Village

Springlands Lifestyle Village is a small boutique style retirement village, with the latest in modern design and facilities offering an environment for discerning couples and individuals looking for a retirement lifestyle second to none.

  • 24 hour nurse call
  • Great central location in Springlands, Blenheim
  • Springlands Shopping Mall and Medical Centre right next door
  • Private and subsidised residents who can choose to be part of the village community
  • Villas
  • Care Studios
  • Fully serviced luxury Apartments
  • Individual care packages
  • Hospital Level Care

This boutique Lifestyle Village will be your home as Springlands has a safe and secure environment.

Your independence and freedom of choice will be preserved. We will provide you with the assistance you need to ensure that you can enjoy being the individual you want to be.

You will meet new people and make new friends. Your family and friends will enjoy their visits to see you in this beautiful place.

You may have difficulty getting them to go home but when they do, they will be happy to know that you live in a special environment receiving the best of care that’s just the touch of a button away.